Top Ways to Build a Better Customer Services Team

Improving customer service is the most important way to enhance relationships with your clients and customers, but is often overlooked.

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Regardless of how talented your team is or how great the product is, customers will always remember the direct interactions they experience with your company. Here are top ways to build a better customer services team.

1. Strengthen Customer Service Skills

Your customer services team must have the right skills to manage customer needs. Ensure they practice:

Patience, consistency and empathy
Adaptability to each problem
Clear communication with the customer
A thick skin to swallow their pride to accept blame and any negative feedback

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2. Focus on Key Touchpoints

Any bad customer experience during the customer life cycle could potentially ruin the relationship.

Ensure the right skills are demonstrated by your team consistently by paying close attention to key touchpoints. Make sure you have full view of customer experiences, as lapses can quickly damage your business.

3. Improve Customer Interactions

Staff must relate to customers in order to provide well-received and thorough customer service. They can do this by:

Practising active listening

Admitting mistakes even if the customer has not discovered them yet
Following up with the customer after the problem is solved

4. Enhance the Customer Service Strategy

Practise proactive service for customers by ensuring customer satisfaction, by:

Using social media and writing personal email responses to customers to prove real people are working on their issues
Being available to speak to customers in order to build trust
Catering to your customers

5. Ensure Representatives are Engaged

Improve employee engagement to ensure your customers have a positive experience.

Unhappy employees are unlikely to voice their problems, so employee engagement surveys or a suggestion box can help employees tell you their problems in the workplace.

6. Allow Customers to Provide Feedback

Ensure you learn about the good and bad experiences your customers have with your team by allowing them to easily give feedback.

An email survey sent to them directly, or a form on a ‘contact us’ website page, can create a means for your customers to leave valuable feedback.